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TG Tianjin Glass Co.,Ltd

Clear Float Glass

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Since incorporation on 25th August 1964 by founder, Chairman Lin, Yu-Chia, Taiwan Glass Group (TG) has established itself as one of the top five global glass companies, thanks to its global macro-vision, dedicated business concepts, stable operation policies and sound fundamentals of financial management. Upon its 47th anniversary, it will continue to concentrate on its core glass business, research and develop technologies in glass manufacturing and processing, adopt globally competitive product design, and supply superior products and services to customers.

To expand its scale and to enhance its global competitiveness, TG in 1993 set up Taiwan Glass China Holding Ltd., which started its deployment in the China market with a series of factory expansions. Since then TG has been growing swiftly and laying the key foundations for a world-class glass group. In the past 47 years TG has presented impressive operation figures, topping the rankings each year, and becoming a well-known enterprise in the Greater China Region.

Global macro-vision, open-mindedness, and constant innovation of production technology are the core factors of TG's steady growth. Since establishment, it has been continuously introducing the most advanced production technologies in the world and contracting with globally renowned leading glass companies for technology cooperation to increase competitiveness at markets both domestic and overseas. The achievement of TG's strength among world-class glass groups comes from its industry-leading production technology as a result of dedication to the core glass business and assiduous learning.

To optimize competitiveness, TG has launched the computerization of automatic production management systems, passed certifications on quality assurance and environmental protection, and consequently, operated versatile product lines under expert management. Moreover, despite the global financial crisis in 2008, TG, being equipped with stable financial strength, insisted on completing a series of high quality glass production lines and further investments with the goal of increased production scale, improved quality, more competitive prices and impeccable service.

Company Profile
Company Name: TG Tianjin Glass Co.,Ltd Company Type: Enterprise (Manufacturer)
Area: China Company Size: 10000 more people
Registered Capital: 100000Thousands RMB Registered Year: 1964
Security deposit: Already paid 0.00 USD
Business Type: Manufacturer
Business Scope: Clear Float Glass
Sell Goods: Laminated glass, clear float glass
Light Industry & Daily Use / Glassware
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